Stuart Teal Loughridge

Mediums: oil painting, watercolor, copper-plate etching, serigraph, pencil, pen & ink

Born: September 1978 in Denver, Colorado

Training: Atelier 1999 - 2002 (Minneapolis, Minnesota); Joe Paquet, Landscape Painting, 2003 (Saint Paul, MN); St. Paul Art Academy, Figure Painting, 2015-2019

My father, Leon Loughridge, is a painter and print-maker based in Denver, Colorado. My oldest memories are looking over his shoulder as he lays in the washes of watercolor and brings a painting to life. A collection of artwork hung thick throughout the house; all hand-crafted frames, carved and gilded. The family operated the frame shop Dry Creek Gold Leaf, which was a generous employer and educator throughout my teenage years. In high-school the art teachers kept me on track, and after the teenage years I was encouraged to pursue my training at the Atelier. I’ve been operating a studio in Saint Paul since 2003, with my artwork the sole generator of all my annual income.